In Moscow about half of cases under 45 years of age

As noted by staff, 47.5% of the new cases – people aged 18 to 45, 35,5% – from 46 to 65 and 12% over 65, and nearly 4% are older than 80. 5% of the patients are children. All patients taken under medical supervision.

Photo: Sergey Kuksin/RG a day in Russia added 1667 cases COVID-19 in 49 regions

remember, in the mode of increased readiness in which he lives, capital, may 1, all residents regardless of age are required to leave the residence. The measures are introduced in order to reduce the number of movements of citizens in the city.


to Leave the apartment in the following cases:

– when applying for an emergency (emergency) medical help and when a direct threat to life and health;

for commuting, if you required her to walk;

– to make purchases in the nearest running store or pharmacy;

– for walking Pets at a distance of not more than 100 meters from the place of residence (stay);

– if you want to take out the trash.