the New album of Boris Grebenshchikov out just before the start of voting on amendments to the Constitution and songs of the leader of the “Aquarium” Willy nilly once again seen as soundtracks dashing times. Nevertheless, optimism in the album “Sign of fire” more than expected.

Boris is clearly in shock. As the author, he caught the spirit and conveys the emotions clearly, precisely and in full compliance with the charisma of a sage. If he laughs, then with all my heart, if sad, that fills a sadness and words and inflections, and even in anger BG according to its irresistible.

“the Sign of fire” in many ways was intriguing because it was recorded as the finale of the trilogy. “Salt,” released in 2014 — one of the darkest albums Grebenshchikov. “Time N”, which was released four years later, became even more ruthless in relation to the “time of rampant demons” — as the author himself stated that in his opinion occurs at the beginning of the XXI century. Taking into account the mood of these releases probably expected more anger, because in the local news agenda insanity grows stronger, and rampant demons becomes almost the norm. But Boris seemed to have pulled from your stash of bright colors and gave many of the songs the color of hope.

to Pick up the new album a rock guru some General definition, most likely, will not work. “The sign of fire” is like a variegated patchwork quilt, which makes no sense to look for the main fragment, because they are all important. Eleven songs were written at different times in the past seven years, while recording new material (the inspiration was the music in different parts of the world: from St. Petersburg to California, from Cuba to London) Grebenshchikov worked with virtuoso British rockers and Jamaican experts in the reggae and Cuban musicians. Add to this the amazing enthusiasm with which BG, as a poet, evokes darkness, builds beautiful castles and is even ready to engage in satire.

speaking of satire… lately, Boris has proven himself the author of verses on the topic of the day. His “Evening M”, where the musician with amazing precision recorded image of a ridiculous comic book villain of Prime-time national TV channel, has become a super hit on the Internet and scored almost four million views for a song that requires immersion in the word, infamous a lot. The album this track is not, but in “get Out of Babylon” Grebenshchikov laughs again, though not attracting attention to famous characters.

“we Have a motherboard, a Ceremonial date. To protect themselves from NATO, Put everyone to bed soldier” — not without malice HD broadcasts under the “gurgling” electronics and it sounds pretty good.

The “Rasta Basta” is not joking. The most severe room of the album in which violent declamation forms a powerful Alliance with music monthTami reminiscent of industrial. In the process of recording the musicians had a lot of different arrangements, but eventually settled on one that could become a Thriller and on the album and in live performance.

the Complete opposite of guitar rumble — the meditative “My clear light.” Here, if not optimism, but hope for the best, which can become a rescue during the most brutal war. The song in the spirit of that “Aquarium”, which is the most persistent fans discovered back in the late 80’s, But no retro here, despite the fact that the sounds of the orchestra.

“No luck” is probably one of the main songs on the album. In the two verses and the chorus BG is a real abyss of bitterness and despair. The guitar American Omar Torres sounds like the musician understood every Russian word of the song. Very recognizable “Aquarium”, but this is the “Aquarium,” to learn which is always good.

“emerald song” another pole of the album, this time South. In the recording participated Jamaican reggae legends sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare and the track is predictable, filled with sun and pacifism.

“I refuse to be a stone in your wall

Refuse to be a dead body in your war

Refuse to March in your ranks.

Go ahead, and I still sing!”

a few days before the release of “Sign of fire” has released a new album of Bob Dylan’s “Rough and Rowdy Ways”. And if someone wants to make a comparison in the spirit of “our hurry to be”, then suddenly turned up any reason for musical patriotism.