the Symbol of protests across America, long ago became the “Autonomous area of Capitol hill” in Seattle, where protesters actually seized power, declared the area “free of police” and began to build a state of justice. This self-proclaimed quasi-state existed for two weeks. At some point it even got a semi-legal status from the city hall, becoming instead “Autonomous zones” “organized protest.” However, it seems, and this anarchic attitudes comes to an end – “an Organized protest of Capitol hill” agreed to disperse because of the shooting on the territory of the commune. However, as we know, the organization to destroy, and to kill an idea is impossible – like “Autonomous zone” trying to organize in the heart of the us capital.

a Fantastic story of “Unrecognized States CHAZ” is coming to an end. During these two intense weeks Offline area managed to survive several coups, to impose reparations in favor of African Americans to cope with the consequences of insidious sabotage (the local homeless stole all the supplies of the newly formed state), to legalize the looting called “unplanned gift” and finally, to bring the case before the shooting on the streets of the Autonomous zone.

the Last wasn’t fun, because the shooting ended with the death of a person. Moreover, the victim could have been saved, but the doctors were unable to enter the territory of the Autonomous zone. The fact that the user in dangerous areas physicians must be accompanied by the police, and as an Autonomous area of Capitol hill has achieved the status of “free of police”, the Ministers of law and order could not penetrate into this realm of anarchy.

as a result, the young man died from loss of blood. In the area of protest was not just professionals who have been able to help him, and without the police, the doctors decided not to risk it and refused to go inside the Autonomous zone. As a result people died, and it was a turning point in the history of protest.

the Mayor of Seattle stated that the city proceeds to eliminate roadblocks erected by protesters, and the police return to the station, located on the territory of the Autonomous zone. Previously the guards had been removed “to avoid clashes with the protesters”.

“People time to go home. It is time to rebuild the hill so that he could be a part of the community. We can still place people there who want to protest peacefully, but the consequences for business, residents and companies are too big now,” stated the mayor of Seattle Jenny Durkan. She did not specify when it will begin the elimination of the Autonomous zone, but promised that it would happen “very soon”.

it Seems that the “Autonomous area of Capitol hill” in Seattle will soon become and��audience. However, at the same time, the protesters in new York are trying to create their own “Autonomous zone of the Black house.” She is scheduled to be in Lafayette Park, near the White house.

This place was not chosen by chance – the Park is a large statue of President Andrew Jackson. President Jackson one of the most famous chapters of the United States, he is the one who compares himself to Donald trump. To destroy the statue of such a figure for protesters very important, but unfortunately they interfere with the police of the city. They hope to organize your community in the Park, destroy the monument and to organize indefinite protest directly outside the President of the United States.

However, Donald trump promises that no Autonomous zone near the White house will not appear.

“While I am your President, Washington will never be “Autonomous zones”. If they try, they will be met with serious force!” – protesters had threatened the President of the United States.

He also reminded about the law that allows you to put people, desecrated the monuments to veterans, for up to 8 years. According to trump, the law can be applied to many protesters.

In any case, the opposition in Washington comes to an end, but Washington is still likely to face opposition protesters and police. From who to win this fight may depend on the continuation of protests across America.