Businessman Boris Yeltsin-younger Dating a model Faith Happen. It is reported by “TV”.

Yeltsin Jr., the grandson of the first President of Russia Boris Yeltsin, the son of his daughter Tatyana Yumasheva and her first husband, Vilen Khairullin. A few years ago, as reported by “the Rambler”, Yeltsin-younger was Dating a model Olesya Senchenko, and then with actress Olga Efremova, a granddaughter of the actor Oleg Efremov.

Happen known for shooting for the magazine “Maxim” (Maxim), performance of secondary roles in such films and serials as “Mixed feelings”, “At dawn” and “Forgetting everything”, on winning the beauty contest “Beauty of the polar region — 2008” and the fact that about a year met with actor Pavel Derevyanko.

Today, “TV guide” reported that some time ago, Yeltsin Jr. and Hoppen became a couple, and the relationship between them may be really serious. Both do not hide the fact that there are, publish photos in their social networks.

In 2018, the Yeltsin-younger became the owner of the company “Fudgrupp”, which specializiruetsya in the restaurant business and food delivery.