Where is good Friday a legal holiday?

The good Friday is in all German Federal States a legal holiday. In the neighbouring country of Austria, but this is not the case. Until last year, only Protestants had was on good Friday there are free.

After the European court of justice (ECJ), however, had decided that the previous good Friday scheme was discriminatory, the government decided a new rules, according to which all workers may, in the future, a “personal holiday” to take. The “personal holiday” can also be used without a religious context, for example, on the day of the wedding, claimed. He needs to be taken out of the regular vacation days.

What is a “silent holiday”?

The good Friday in Germany is a so-called “silent holiday”, meaning that some restrictions apply. The dance provides a prohibition, for example, that no dance or sports events may take place. Are affected by the ban on markets and cultural events such as Musicals, operas or theatre performances. Also, certain films may not be shown on good Friday. The regulations can vary from state to state, so are banned in some States, for example, already on Maundy Thursday dance events in other countries, such as, for example, in Berlin, the rules are much more moderate.

Who has good Friday off?

Since the good Friday is a legal holiday, employees are basically free. Also, students are allowed to stay home.

Have opened the business?

Normally remain closed on good Friday all the shops. In the light of the Corona-crisis, several States have loosened the rules on the closing times, however. In particular, grocery stores are allowed to open on good Friday and the Easter holidays.

A survey by the German press-Agency in the case of Edeka, Rewe, Aldi, Lidl and co. showed, however, that the major German food retailers to the Easter holidays and hold days of business as usual closed. The chains appealed to the customers to make their purchases for the Festival as early as possible in order to avoid in view of the measures to be taken against the Corona pandemic, only that is difficult to manage the customer rush on Maundy Thursday or on Holy Saturday. At the same time, they stressed that the supply of Goods was secured.

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