As you know, chemical pesticides into our food and harm to health. And the plant pests sooner or later become resistant to drugs. A similar situation is observed today in medicine with antibiotics. The enemies of plants as successfully adapt to chemistry, and therefore the dose of the poison that we are forced to make in plants, must be increased. And much of what did not need, the food chain gets to our table.

How to be? Nature has long suggested response: a means of combating pests of plants inherent in them.

Plants and soil, its inhabitants are closely linked, says the project Manager from the Institute of environmental and agricultural biology, Tyumen state University, candidate of biological Sciences Alexey Vasilchenko. – Plants are surrounded by a myriad of microorganisms that formed a symbiosis with each other and with plants through various mechanisms, including antimicrobial and growth stimulating metabolites. Based on this biological method of plant protection. Our objective is to highlight the most effectivemethod.

As you can see, there is a way to create new preparations for plant protection – extremely eco-friendly, inspired by nature itself. But all is not so simple. In the way scientists many obstacles. The fact that the metabolites are not stable, and in extreme conditions, say, during a drought, can be destroyed. In addition, it is necessary to choose the right concentration of the substance for each type of harmful microorganism. Otherwise, a large dose may not help, but to cause serious harm. And of course, the drug must be safe for insects, animals and humans.

– We now iterate through the various metabolites with antimicrobial properties, check how well they fit the criteria for the future of the drug, says Vasil. – It is necessary to understand the mechanism of their action, to evaluate the resistance of microorganisms to different influences, as well as the stability in conditions simulating the field. We then move to testing in real conditions.

of Course, such preparations compared to the usual are not cheap. But there were entrepreneurs interested in the work of the Tyumen scientists. While we are talking about primenyayutsya in greenhouses.