Russian singer Natalia Ionova, acting under the pseudonym of Glucose, commented on his words about the “Ukrainian Crimea”. The corresponding message she posted in her Instagram account.

the Singer explained that she wants to explain what happened in order to avoid misunderstandings and different interpretations of the situation. According to her, she tried to enter Ukraine for meeting with friends, but at the border she was detained and questioned three o’clock. Ionova said that the guards put pressure on her and treated her like a terrorist, while speaking only in unfamiliar Ukrainian language. She added that she is constantly asked about whose Crimea.

“At the third hour of pressing the question “Whose Crimea?” I asked another question: “What are you doing? So I said that Crimea is Ukrainian? What is going on? Well, send back what these interrogations?” But they just had one. In my speech sounded a phrase, and then everything was already done and installed as they were convenient,” explained the artist.

Earlier the video of the conversation of Glucose with the Ukrainian border guards was published on YouTube. On the record, the singer calls the Ukrainian Crimea. She also States that her possibility of a visit of Ukraine is much more important than politics.