Rest the people only when between the woodland and the tanks expanded the mineralized band. But the forest continued to burn deep, and firefighters were relocated there.

it tells the acting chief of the district fire service, Mikhail Galkin, people worked around the clock, replacing each other every 12 hours. Because most of the focus is in a completely impassable terrain, had to reach the three-kilometer sleeve to pump water to the fire line. The fighting lasted five days. To cope with the fire helped the specialists, who arrived by helicopter from Yakutsk. Some of them were immediately transferred to a nearby Eveno-Bytantayskiy rayon, where by that time already 10 days fought with the approaching locality of the fire still able to move the villagers Custor. The joint efforts of the disaster from the village was taken. And yesterday, the forest flared five kilometers from the center of MOMA district, village Honou. Between the village and the fire – Neftebaza.

All of these areas – the North of Yakutia, where he established anomalous heat. Almost unbelievable for this area is 38 degrees has recently been recorded near the pole of cold. In this weather a match may be anything up to lying in the grass splinter of glass. But experts say the main cause of fires are dry lightning storms.

Since the beginning of the season the area of natural fires in the region exceeded 1.8 million hectares. Most lesions occurring in the inaccessible even for aviation areas, do not extinguish. The fire is extinguished, reaching rivers. Yes and no forces, even given the fact that reinforcements arrived paratroopers of “Avialesookhrana” of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous district, Tyumen region, Amur region and Transbaikalia, is not enough to extinguish all.

For the last day, for example, repaid 35 lesions appeared 50 new. And three million square kilometers of Yakutia gave birth to the Republic issue. This hugeness was the reason that the region gets less Federal money to fight forest fires. The Republic’s leadership has repeatedly raised the issue about the unfairness of the distribution of subventions, the volume of which is inversely proportional to the forest area.

– the average for the Russian Federation fire prevention measures stands out for 199 rubles per one hectare. Krasnoyarsk Krai receives for this purpose eight rubles, and Yakutia – a total of six rubles and 90 kopecks per hectare, – said the head of the region Aisen Nikolaev.- With a vast territory and available resources no courageous actions of firefighters and the emergencies Ministry to extinguish forest fires does not help.

a Similar situation in the Irkutsk oblast: burning more than 50 thousand hectares of forest. Moreover, most of them in the so called zone control. This is the area where the fire is not quenched, only watching them, as a rule, with the space��who monitoring. Usually, such a control zone include remote areas.

In General, the scale of the disaster is less than this time last year, but hot weather and wind are rapidly changing the balance of power. The previous week the area of forest fires in the region increased by almost 18 times.

Now in the Irkutsk region has be-200 EMERCOM of Russia. In the last days he made 11 vents on the center of the fire in Kachugskiy district is 1,100 tons of water. In another area Chunsky – two forest fire was extinguished with the help of artificial rain. The fallout caused the aircraft atmospheric sounder An-26. He fired at the clouds special cartridges containing a substance that accelerates the condensation. In total, the situation in the forests of 14 aviation control boards. In addition, with fire fighting more than 300 employees of airborne fire service. Also managed to attract 200 volunteers. According to Irkutsk base of aviation forest conservation, the main cause of fires – storm. Because of the person of 70 active fires occurred only six.

the MOE has stepped up the use of fire aviation. At a constant duty fire helicopter Mi-8. And in the two regions involved amphibious aircraft be-200.

One plane started to liquidate forest fires in Buryatia. He puts out the fire in TRANS-Baikal national Park. Only in Buryatia on the control of natural foci is 27 with a total area of over 7,000 hectares. The second be-200 was sent to Dagestan. There are fires covered several areas. And in addition flared capital dump waste in Makhachkala.

Successfully in these days of toil be-200 and in Turkey. On the eve of the authorities of this country are acknowledged for their high efficiency. Recall that our two aircraft, one from the MOE, the other belonging to United aircraft Corporation, was in mid-June, rented by the Turks for fighting severe forest fires in the province of Izmir. Earlier unique Russian aircraft fire worked in many countries, but Turkey was not even once. And that’s an incredible success. The Turks delighted.

“We first used leased from Russia the plane in Izmir, and he was very effective. Our plane was already near the fire after just 27 minutes. He spent about an hour and during this time has made seven flights. He made an enormous contribution to the prevention of fire” – quoted by the newspaper “Sabah” the words of the head of the regional Department of forestry of the Property of Derince.

And the final solemn point our plane was set to extinguish fire in the woods and in the city. Recently in Turkey there was a large fire at the plant of pyrotechnics. Turkish firefighters could not get even close to the shooting object. But the fire was extinguished. Adequate was the use of one of our two be-200.

Prepared Timofei Borisov