Gerda Hansen has yet again forgotten why her children don’t come and visit her. They usually all the four to take the trip to the nursing home on the island of Als at least once a week.

But because of the smittefaren for corona it is no longer safe to let the 90-year-old Gerda visits. It should Gerda, just to be reminded each and every day. For She has dementia, and coronavirkeligheden will not get stuck.

Such is the situation right now for some of the least 36.000 sufferers danes. Coronakrisen has created a new and foreign distance, as the demented does not necessarily understand. Gerda is no exception.

Fortunately, Gerda’s children call her. One of the children is Tina Karger, who daily calls his mother. But every conversation starts with the same.

“She asks, when we come and visit her. It hurts. We are a very loving and close family. It is a big deprivation. Then I must explain to her again that it is because of the corona that we can’t get,” says Tina.

At the moment when Gerda Hansen are reminded of corona, she understands well what it’s about. And yet not.

She can remember, she has heard about the virus, but include the circumstances and extent is difficult for Gerda to relate to.

“She’s just saying that we can safely visit her, she’s not. She does not understand, that we too can infect her,” says Tina.

While the explanation about the virus every day, sneaks out of Gerda’s consciousness, her thoughts are instead filled with other sad explanations about why the children no longer come to visit.

to go from a few visits at least four times a week for now, not to get someone a great contrast for Gerda.

Fortunately, understand She don’t, how long ago it is, she has had a visit. She does not remember, whether it is 14 days or a month ago, the kids were last there. But inside herself she can feel a need, and that it is a long time since she last saw them.

“she says She misses us, and ask me why we all are angry at her. She does not understand where we are,” says Tina, and stresses that they are in no way sour on her mother.

But just as quickly as She will know, she has forgotten it again. Even on and the dementia has set clear traces in Gerda’s 90-year-old memory, she is strong and in good physical shape.

But it just makes it even harder for her to accept that the children do not come, even if she gets to know that it is because of the infection.

“The other day she said to my sister that she not going to die of the virus, but of the need for us. It hurts to get to know. I am also quite touched now.”

Such messages makes it even more difficult for Tina not to be able to visit his mother.

Other days, when Tina, the caller, tells Gerda that she has been very busy, since she has had a visit from their father.

by Tina Karger well not true. Not only because the mother not allowed to visit, but because the danger is death many years ago.

Despite Gerda’s confusion gives it anyway Tina a little joy, when the mother tells of his father’s visit.

“In one way or another she has been some impression. Just up in his own head. So she’s not lonely,” says Tina, who not seen his mother since 12. march.