Federal bailiff service (FSSP) searches for the singer Pauline Gagarin because of debts. It is reported by telegram-channel “Mash”.

August 3, according to “Rambler”, “Forbes” (Forbes) introduced the ranking of “20 stars of Russian show business with the highest incomes.” The first place it took the musician Sergey Shnurov. Gagarin took the list in sixth place. The publication estimated the total amount of honorarium payments to her address from may 2019 to April 2020 at 6.4 million dollars.

Today, “Mash” reported that Gagarin owes 55 thousand roubles for services of housing and communal services (HCS) and 30 thousand rubles in taxes. Some time ago the court decided to charge her with these funds. Currently, employees FSSP looking for a singer.

In may the media reported that Gagarin left her husband-photographer Dmitry Iskhakov, because he was too immersed in her career, she was overly controlling, excessively boring, Prim and neat, making it much smaller either, maybe because it made her rich suitor.