Finance Minister Anton Siluanov had a vacation in the Crimea. As reported TASS, he told himself.

Today, as reported by “the Rambler”, the Prime Minister of Russia Mikhail Mishustin began far Eastern tour. It will last about a week. In the course of it he visited Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, Kamchatka Krai, Magadan and Amur region.

Silvanus will take part in events tour. Today he, along with Prime Minister inspected the greenhouse complex for cultivation of vegetables of the protected ground in Anadyr and talked with its leaders Natalia and Paul Makarovym. During the event, the head of the Ministry of Finance asked when he intends to visit on vacation. He replied that he had already visited.

“In the Crimea. Full of people!” — added Siluanov.

While chatting with Makarovym Mishustin asked to try the greens, which they grow. They gave him Basil. He gave Siluanov. He asked farmers how much of their Basil. In turn, the Prime Minister asked them about the cost of production and the volume of the market.