Presidential elections in Belarus ended in protests and clashes with security forces. Belarusians do not believe in the victory of Alexander Lukashenko, who, according to official figures, scored over 80% of the votes. For participation in unsanctioned three arrested thousands of protesters.

According to the Belarusian journalist Franak Viachorka, massive clashes on the streets to wait is not worth it. Belarusians you have to take the protests to a peaceful course, he stated.

“I do not agree with the opinion that Belarusians angry and all so aggressive now will take to the streets in the millions. This is not about Belarusians. Yes, there are a couple of thousand people who are ready for aggression, ready to fight back, but for most people, any conflict, any people in masks – it’s terrible. When they see these images, they don’t go outside, im scared,” – said Vyachorka.

“Only positive and the most peaceful protest can bring a critical number of people on the street. If such a massacre on the street will continue for two weeks, it will not change anything in Belarus. The main thing – to bring this conflict, this “new majority” in some legal way. Need something to catalyze the transition of items to the side of the people,” the journalist says.

“In any case, changing the geopolitical situation. Belarus from the peacemaker, the island of stability, where the negotiations took place at the Donbass turns into the same Donbass. Only not Russia, it turns, and the Lukashenko makes the country in the Donbass, starting a war against their own people,” said Franak Vyachorka.