the Center of public relations of FSB of Russia provided the TASS rare 20-page manual for the conduct of the parade. While the traditions of the rituals of the Victory parade, introduced by this statement in most parts saved and in modern parades.

the Document was developed by the commandant of Moscow, Lieutenant-General Kuzma Sinilova and approved by the head of the Moscow garrison, the commander of the Moscow military district Colonel-General Pavel Artemyev. Instruction in the smallest details were painted by the order of the parade combined regiments of all the fronts, Navy and troops of the Moscow garrison.

for Example, separate instructions prescribing the release of the cavalry and saber squads for 77 riders as well as machine-gun squadrons – four platoons of four carts in a row – a total of 16 carts and 69 horses. “Uniforms, equipment and shoes a good fit and clean. Horses must be well cleaned and selected according to the suit,” – said in the statement.

In General, each of the front for the parade was supposed to get a combined regiment with dwukrotnie a battalion of 203 people in each of the regimental commander to the rank and file of the red army. The company is not divided into platoons.

At the head of each of the main shelf front was the front commander and 6 to 11 army commanders and squad leaders took the Junior officers.

In the main calculation in front of each regiment, except the commander, his deputies and the chief of staff, went on a 36-bearers.

At the same time formal calculations of the Moscow garrison troops included command of military educational institutions and military units of the Moscow garrison and one standard bearer.