With a rare opportunity collided ENT Ishim hospital. Welcome to it came 46-year-old man: he complained of congestion in the ear, feels like there is something moving.

“When washing we were surprised both in the auditory canal was the snail pond snail smaller than a centimeter. While she was alive. In my practice this happened for the first time,” says otolaryngologist Regional hospital №4 Alexander Hartung.

the Patient said that in this day bathed the dog in the river, but the water did not come. When the dog reached the shore and began to shake, the man felt something hit him in the ear. He dropped what he thought was a foreign object, but, rather, on the contrary has pushed the snail inside.

“wife and have tried themselves to remove the foreign body, but realized that this is not worth it. I had to go to the hospital, the doctor quickly washed his ear and found a snail. It was a shock!”, – says the man.