In Moscow on 19 June, the air warms up to 30 degrees, and Saturday will be cooler and the rains. It is reported by the Weather Bureau of Moscow and Moscow region.

According to meteorologists, when the variable clouds the air warms up to +25…+30 degrees. In places of possible rain and thunderstorms. The wind is low. Prolonged hot weather has led to the fact that in the lower atmosphere observed hypoxia (lack of oxygen). Heat can adversely affect the health of people suffering from diseases of the respiratory, cardiovascular and other diseases.

According to weather forecasts, in the first day off this week’s heat subsides a bit, the thermometer will show +25…+27 ° C, rain is expected. This weather will contribute to purifying the air. And on Sunday, June 21, colder – in the afternoon to +18…+24 night below +9.