The French football club Stade de Reims from the country’s best row is in mourning, after the team doctor has committed suicide.

It confirms the Stade de Reims on the club’s website.

Here informs you that it is the 60-year-old doctor Bernard Gonzalez, who have taken the own life, while he was isolated at home infected with the coronavirus.

Bernard Gonzalez was holdlæge of Reims through 23 years.

It is reported, also, that Bernard Gonzalez was isolated, together with his wife, who is also infected with the coronavirus.

the Mayor of the city of Reims, Arnaud Robinet, also knew the deceased doctor.

“I am shocked and sad. I have known Bernard for many years. As a private doctor, but especially as klubblæge,” he says, and continues:

“I’m thinking of his family, especially his father, who I like very much. He was an important figure in our city. And I would argue that he actively participated in the construction of the club and up in the elite of French football. He will be missed.”