Daily there are many danes who fly the small time between Aalborg and Copenhagen, but in the coming week it will not be possible.

Thus, there are many, who suddenly need to shift their plans.

Easter is already been hampered for many families due to corona-the quarantine, but for the travelling danes it has now become even worse.

the SAS have been allowed to halt flights between Aalborg and Copenhagen.

The flyvestop going to happen with effect from Monday the 6. april and a week until Monday the 13. april. It writes Nordjyske.

“Aalborg Airport is the one of the airports is considered a critical infrastructure, which must be kept open. But they have been allowed by the ministry of transport to set indenrigsflyvningen over easter,” says the director of Aalborg Airport, Søren Svendsen to the North.

SAS has three daily flights between Aalborg and Copenhagen, but they come not to exist in the passover.

Many use the trip daily to get to and from work, so if the persons still must meet up with at their workplace, will be the journey time suddenly significantly longer in the form of train or car.