Emmanuel Macron exclude major events up to the middle of July, which, where appropriate, will hit the Tour.

In a speech Monday to the French people beat president Emmanuel Macron real, that coronakrisen do, to big events with many people may not be until at the earliest mid-July.

It will then hit the Tour de France, which is scheduled to be phased in from 27. June 19. July.

The French media Le Progres subsequently wrote that the Macron after the speech the telephone had confirmed that the Tour de France can not be run in July, due to coronakrisen.

the Media, however, has since changed the article and now have in place the information from “a source”.

Macron spoke Monday to the nation and extended the curfew in the country to 11. may.

In this connection he told, too, that you would then initiate a gradual opening of schools and institutions, but stated that the events with many people will continue to be prohibited.

The major festivals and events with a large audience will not be able to be held until, at the earliest, in mid-July, said Macron.

Thus, it should be three weeks long stage races likely to be postponed, if it is to be settled in the year.

The International Cykelunion (UCI) has suspended all cycling back to 1. June, which has kept life in the hope that the Tour could be held as scheduled from 27. June 19. July.

But Monday’s announcement from the French head of state means, therefore, to Tour boss Christian Prudhomme and the rest of the ASO (Tour organizer, red.) probably should start looking for new dates.

the Tour de France was the last of the summer’s major sporting events, which was not yet affected by the coronakrisen.

the OLYMPICS in Tokyo and the european football championship had already been moved to 2021, while this year’s Wimbledon tennis in June has been cancelled.

the Tour de France is without comparison the largest and most important races on the calendar economic for both riders, teams and sponsors.

Therefore, there are many who have a great interest in the Tour will be held in the year, but it is also a huge logistical project that had to rebook hotels for so many teams and personnel as well as find new dates in a previously spoiled and compact calendar.

The task of the ASO is now in time, if one is to believe the message from Macron.