Satine von Gersdorff from the small town of Fejrup on Helgenæs is an empowered woman. She was so upset over a set of road sign, that she now has removed it.

“In the Facebook-group of Helgenæs, there was support for such a thing, we will not have standing. So I turned around in my car and took the sign down,” says Satine von Gersdorff to TV2 ØSTJYLLAND.

She and many other locals were shocked by the sign and its messages aimed at the many guests, as the region’s natural areas for the time getting.

the Messages, as none of them stands up, backs up on.

“I was shocked when I saw the sign, it does not look like my community to be a sign with as aggressive a message. It belongs to no place and is not in the spirit out here,” says Satine von Gersdorff.

Her attitude apparently shared by many locals.

It appears by the comments on the Facebook page ‘Helgenæs Board’, where the sign has been diligently debated that day.

‘even Though I am young and no longer a resident, I am sorry to see such a type. If there really are people with such a position, sign at least with your own name and not on behalf of the entire Helgenæs,’ writes one user in a spread, and she quickly gets the backing in the thread.

‘The sign is a disgrace,’ says the commentary.

‘As a resident on Helgenæs, it was an unpleasant feeling to run past such a hostile greeting,’ writes another.

Also several of the tourists, as the message probably is targeted, is baffled by the wording.

“We have had the cottage in 55 years out here, and we have always acted in Brugsen. So dear helbo(is), be happy, we act locally, we can figure out how to keep distance, and only one from the family trades,” says one of them.

this is Why many are also happy for Satines decision to remove the sign.

What then should be done with it now, yes, it is still unclear.

“Some of us out here have considered whether we should paint some more positive messages on the sign. It is here, at least not the Helgenæs, I know,” beats Satine von Gersdorff fixed.