Victoria Maslova fans know from the TV series “Ivanov-Ivanov”, “Trigger”, “Vlasik. Shadow Of Stalin”, “Juna”. The more popular the actress became, the more followers in Instagram she appeared. And this morning, Vic found that her page hacked by unknown hackers.

“Friends!!! My account in instagram hacked by scammers! — turned itself Maslova to his fans (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. — Please do NOT RESPOND to any actions on my page!!! If if the scammers will begin to extort money or post inappropriate content! While I’m trying to solve this issue with instagram itself! Thank you and see you!”

I must say that lately hackers hacking pages are popular figures, very active. Indeed, in terms of quarantine, many stars have dramatically increased the number of subscribers and promotional offers. It is clear that any account with already established loyal audience — a tidbit for instagram Scam. Some of them or demand ransom from those on whose page they encroached, either post a mournful request for assistance with indication of credit card details. So if today you suddenly learn that Victoria Maslova urgently raising money for treatment of poor niece, don’t react.