Their habits they resembled the “predatory ostriches.”

the Remains of elaphrosaurus, found near Cape Otway in the South of Australia, suggests that these prehistoric animals lived on the territories close to the South pole.

To such conclusion came paleontologists in an article published in Gondwana Research.

a Small fossilized bone elaphrosaurus age of 110 million years and a length of 5 cm was discovered by a volunteer group of Dinosaur Dreaming Jessica Parker in 2015. something time the finding was considered a bone of a pterosaur, and only recently managed to establish the truth.

Until now, the remains of alamosaurus found in Africa (Elaphrosaurus bambergi), Asia (Limusaurus inextricabilis) and Argentina (Huinculsaurus montesi).

the Name of barosaur translated from Greek as “elegant dinosaur”. It was a slender theropod with a long neck. Its length was 4 to 6 m and a weight of about 1.2 T. the leg of elaphrosaurus was considerably longer than its femur, and its high sprinting ability.

In the time of dinosaurs Australia was the newly formed continent, is only relatively “recently” broke away from the supercontinent Gondwana. something Australia, Antarctica, Madagascar and the Indian sub-continent was a single land mass and was much further South than in our time.

Cape Otway, where the remains were found, was located approximately at 76 degrees South latitude. Now this margin of Antarctica. However, the climate is 110 million years ago this place was reasonable.

Anna Lysenko

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