In Britain archaeologists have discovered the remains of a man who lived around two thousand years ago and became a victim of "mysterious" murder. About it reports The Daily Mail.

Experts found the skeleton of a male about farm Wallwik near the town of Wendover (Buckinghamshire). While he was buried in a ditch face down, his hands were tied.

According to archaeologists, the exact age of the victim is still unknown, but experts believe that the remains should not be less than two thousand years.

"the Death of a person with a farm Wallwik remains a mystery to us, but there are not so many ways to be in the bottom of the ditch face down with their hands tied" said Dr. Rachel wood, an archaeologist of the project.

However, she expressed the hope that experts can shed more light on this story.

The remains were discovered during archaeological works aimed at the construction of the HS2 high-speed rail lines.