Our court, as you know, the most humane court in the world. Here is a group of figures from the arts, lavishly spending state grant for hundreds of millions of rubles, though, and was recognized by the community of plunderers, but, on the bunk of his seat and got off with conditional terms under a considerable penalty. Freedom, as said Dmitry Medvedev, is better than no freedom. But a group of comrades headed by Director Kirill Serebrennikov was obliged to return to the Treasury 129 million rubles which they, according to calculations recognized by a court of examination, spent to increase their well-being.

It is clear that the lawyers hope to appeal and that “punitive justice” be satisfied by the fact of “unjust sentence” and knock off the debt. And then cancel. Maybe our humane state will allocate accomplices another grant, from which with him, bloodthirsty, and will pay large creators.

Meanwhile, silver has already stated that funds to cover the fine he does not. And this is understandable. Apartment in the capital on the Golden mile and apartments in Berlin, of course, in the calculation cannot be made because it represent the untouchable, fragile world of the artist can offend everyone. But the fact of the fine and programmed the complaints of the Ministers and administrators of Melpomene on the terrible hardship can give rise to ideological opponents of the ruling regime to show good will and to try to raise the required amount through the Internet on the principle of crowdfunding.

And then there’s an interesting collision, simply put, checking for lice. On the one hand, such an action, the more extended in time, gives the opportunity to continue to play the card of the persecution of artists who with their innovation and deep-rooted sense of independence do not fit into the current stifling atmosphere of stagnation. In the end, still remember the story of the fine imposed on the opposition, known in narrow circles of the weekly the New Times. Then for violation of the administrative code, the court sentenced to pay 22 million rubles. On the opposition threw a cry, and a few days on account of the editor Evgenia Albats already received 25 million rubles.

By the way, then the wording may have implied that the extra three million could be transferred to another good cause. But the answer, as it seems, never came. There was, however, one snag. Themselves “nutimik” argued that the money they have collected with the world on a penny. However, the “tails” of translation were drawn mostly abroad to the accounts of new immigrants like the former merchant of phones and now a London vintner Evgeny Chichvarkin.

As ideological opponents of the ruling regime will do this time, given that now all foreign sponsorship under strict control? Of course, the foreign shadow tempted again to insert the pin mode. But first and the amount it��barking. And also business immigrants somewhere in the depths of their lost souls understand that much of the artistic activity Serebrennikov Alexey Malopolska and Yuri itina unclean. So they do not know how sawn budgets, not returned loans to banks. Appear out of thin air and overseas property and offshore accounts. And because money can be doubly a pity even for the “humiliation of the regime.”

So the Saga with penalties takes place. Looks like she will break a lot from what is usually hidden behind various curtains.