Cyril, this morning was the standings at the University, passed?

Kirill Medvedev: had chemistry with her, I’m not very friendly, but I passed! I study at the faculty of land reclamation – they wanted-an agronomist, but such a Department in Brest not. But reclamation is also good. It’s not about the draining, it’s about the improvement!

Saw you sing for the pictures, a song about the garden of Eden on Earth. Have written?

Kirill Medvedev: Yes! The music is also my hobby, but all these social media sites I started just in order to inspire people to breed plants and plant gardens on Earth. I recently gave away a hundred cuttings to passers-by in the streets of Brest, I hope that when they planted these plants, they, too, will start “flower disease”!

do you have a pet among the plants?

Kirill Medvedev: it is Impossible to name one favorite! I have over forty varieties of grapes, and daylilies – more than 60. I gave the three new varieties, one of them is already officially registered. This is a daylily I named in his honor – “Kvetka Cyril.” I got it by crossing varieties “Lucian” and “Ageless beauty”. He attracts the attention of rich color and wide superheterodyne border. The flower tolerates the winter and blooms twice a year, in spring and autumn. The height is 40-50 cm, and the flower diameter is 16-17 cm! This is my brainchild, to him I belong, like I don’t know… to your child!

you Have the plantation of 30 acres. How do you have time? And even on a bike ride, and an interview?

Kirill Medvedev: get Up at five in the morning, have time to work a few hours in the garden, then going to school, then again in the garden! Water, weed, plant, and repot the plant, cut off, divide them. When we lived in the apartment where I was bred plants, but eight years ago moved into a private house, and then I turned around! The mother was given one hundred square meters under its potatoes, and the rest of the land can only step foot my dog ISA!

Crop – it’s more about spending or about work?

Kirill Medvedev: Fascination with expensive, parents would not be able to pay it. For example, this spring I spent on the purchase of planting material of about 5 thousand Belarusian rubles (about 145 thousand Russian), not counting the expenses for the maintenance of the greenhouses, fertilizers, garden tools etc. I will Not disclose his finances, but I was spending what he earned. I was 10 years sell their plants on the market, now send orders by mail. At first people laughed: there is such a baby, and even give advice, so that he might know. But I’m already lined kilometer queue for plants and advice.

So floral disease struck you in early childhood?

Kirill Medvedev: When all the kids begged in shops toys and chocolates, I begged plants. First ��branches, dekabrist, I bought the grandmother. I was in seventh heaven!

what you have to give up for this flowery passion?

Kirill Medvedev: I played professional water Polo for seven years. But to combine were just not realistic. I had to get up at 4 am. Walked to heat the greenhouse, then the parents have taken to the practice of Polo, and after a workout, dad drove me to the market where I was selling flowers. After the market school. After school – again Polo. After Polo is back on the market! Then to the plants, again to heat the greenhouse. Honestly, even for me it was too much. I had to choose and I chose the plants.

what colors do you associate Russia and Belarus?

Kirill Medvedev: Belarus – that’s for sure lots and lots of cornflowers. And in Russia I haven’t yet been, but it reminds me of Wisteria is a beautiful, fast growing plant!

And our Federal government?

Kirill Medvedev: most Likely with the Paulownia. This is a gorgeous plant. Not even a flower, and a large flowering tree.

And finally, the question on filling: what kind of all the same flower, in your opinion, is it beloved by all of us in the tale of a scarlet flower?

Kirill Medvedev: I always thought that it is – a fine-leaved peony! It is very similar!