MOSCOW, 8 Feb — RIA Novosti. Under the influence of an anticyclone in some Russian regions this week expected sharp warming, according to the website of Roshydromet.

the Heat will overtake, in particular, the Arkhangelsk region, where the temperature will rise to nine-eleven degrees above normal, the maximum temperature can reach 32 degrees Celsius.

About ten degrees warmer will be put in the Vologda and Leningrad oblasts and in Komi Republic. The maximum temperature in these regions can reach up to 30 degrees. In the Novgorod and Pskov regions, the day is expected 26-32 degrees.

On the territory of Central Federal district in the period from 8 to 12 June is expected to warm weather with average daily temperature at four to six degrees above normal, on some days — on seven or eight, forecasters say.

Also the heat will overtake the inhabitants of the Ural Federal district. It is reported that in the Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk, Kurgan regions and in the South of the Tyumen region will be 29-34 degrees, which is again on six to nine degrees above normal.

In the South of the European part of Russia the temperature will exceed 40 degrees.
In the Volgograd region of maximum air warms up to 35 degrees, in the Astrakhan region, to 42, in the Rostov region, Krasnodar and Stavropol Krai — up to 35. Moreover, some days in the Stavropol region is expected to be 39 degrees.