– Now we are seeing two trends. On the one hand, significantly increased the demand for online tutoring to prepare for the exam. And even those Tutors that used technology “not friends”, went online. At least most of them. On the other hand, the demand for Tutors who are not prepared for the exam, but just pulled up the children at school, that growth is not shown. Just because this year canceled the all-Russian test work, the academic year for most classes ended early, the boys left with their parents for dachas. And the need to tighten the curriculum, “right now” has disappeared.

– And in September everything will change?

Irina Abankina: Possible surge of requests to Tutors in order to improve the gaps in knowledge. But it will affect a lot of factors. First, all will depend on how the summer goes, whether organized some sort of educational program, intensive courses in summer school camps. Secondly, as school starts in online or offline format. In any case, the whole first quarter will be used to evaluate the residual knowledge of students, to restore the gaps. I think that here, schools themselves will have to adjust the program. Probably, where-that even to condense the schedule. Well, the third factor – income parents, who in many families because of the situation with coronavirus still decreased. Not all will be able to afford Tutors.

– will be Replaced by Lee Tutors a fashionable digital services for the self-study for the exam? In isolation they became very popular…

Irina Abankina: Rather, parents and students prefer to go to traditional sessions with Tutors as soon as the opportunity arises. The fact is that automated services are not enough tools for the external motivation of students. The sites and applications work on the principle: “we give you a job, you can automatically check – please practice”. But a finely tuned individual approach, effective motivation can only give person-a teacher. So those Tutors who show stable high results, which will really improve the exam scores of their students, automated services for the self-study is no substitute.