experts of the Samara state medical University did a mask based on the mask for snorkeling. She is joined by a nozzle with a filter, which was developed by scientists of the University.

As the head of the production Department of the Technopark of the University Nikolay Kuzmenko, a mask worn adapters, which are mounted filters for medical ventilators, soaked with saline. The adapters themselves are printed on a 3D printer. “You can disinfect the mask, adapter, mount the new filter, – says Nikolay Kuzmenko. – So it can be used many times. This is a good move – for example, the conventional respirator is thrown away after three or four hours of use. But, most importantly, there is no effect of fogging of the eye, for glasses, because the eyes and nose in the mask separated. It adheres perfectly to the face and leaves no residue, so work in it more comfortable”.

Another development box for intubation, which allows us to reduce the spread of infection and to protect physicians. It is a box of Plexiglas with holes, through which the doctors can carry out the manipulation with the patient.

the engineers Also developed a humidifier to the ventilator. Used the filter for water purification, in which integrated aerator. It dissolves the supplied air to the intensive care patients in the water and thus rehydrate it.

In medical school came up with the front anti-decubitus cushions for patients who are on artificial lung ventilation in the prone position. The patient lies on a pillow, only his forehead and neck, his face is, one might say, in limbo.

“we took a real anti-bedsore cushion made of silicone, scanned, got the right configuration and method, the layered cut made cushion while the foam, – says Nikolay Kuzmenko. In the future we plan to make them from silicone. These pads cheaper counterparts and they can quickly produce”.

Now all this in trying the doctors in the intensive care of the Samara hospitals, working with CОVID-19.

Textile manufacture in the town of Shakhty, Rostov region, engaged in tailoring of overalls, redeveloped for the manufacture of protective fabric and sewing costumes for the medical and pharmaceutical institutions. As told “RG” in the enterprise, the first thousand costumes ready. And the capacity of the factory allows to sew from 200 to 230 thousand pieces a month.

Here was able to launch production of new fabrics and tailoring of her clothes for medical staff, pharmacists and food industry. Orders until summer. “The fabric has been tested in scientific research Institute of Disinfectology of Rospotrebnadzor”, – said the Executive Director of the enterprise Elena Sanzheeva.

Designed by fabric – polyester, which gives shade of tan.�� a special coating or a polyurethane film, preventing penetration through the fabric of viruses and bacteria. Suits of this fabric is light, weighing only about a kilogram.

Possess high integrity: every seam is securely taped, and the hood is Velcro and fits tightly to the face, on the sleeves and legs provides elastic cuffs. Feet close also tight overshoes. Shakhty medical suit designed to be reusable.

Their products sechinskie sewers are going to provide not only the don, hospital, and other organizations where they are needed. However, the price of retail products – 9,5 thousand roubles – have not everyone can afford.

Meanwhile, in January of this year in Russia released a day three thousand protective suits for doctors. By the end of April – a hundred thousand, and by mid-may it is planned more than 150 thousand. But this is not enough. Complete sets of protective clothing for doctors, nurses, medical personnel working in the most dangerous zone, is allocated just in time.

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