Earlier it was reported that the engine developed at the level of drawings – he was named the RD-0150. Due to hydrogen engines “Angara” should lift into low earth orbit 37 tonnes of payload. And on the basis of the “Angara-А5В” it is planned to develop a rocket with reusable steps “Angara-А5МВ”.

About the prospects in the field of hydrogen technologies said in an interview with “RG” in April of last year the General Director of NPO “Energomash” Igor Arbuzov:

Is one of the most promising areas. We have created a range of engines operating on the components of oxygen-hydrogen. In particular, there is the engine, which was created for the booster “Angara-A5” – РД0146. Today he passed a full testing cycle. And we hope that in the near future in the project, which involves the launch of “Angara-A5” from the cosmodrome “East”, this decision will be applied. In addition, are working on creating a more powerful engine running on a pair of oxygen-hydrogen, which we hope will find application in launch vehicle of super heavy class.