the Paul Priluchny snapped on the theme of the novel with a star “Daddy’s daughters” Miroslava Karpovich. According to media reports, they had recently returned from the Crimea, where the rest along with his children from his marriage to Agatha muceniece. In addition, the actor gave Karpovich jeep Range Rover, which once gave muceniece and then took it back after a quarrel.

Friends of actor Paul Priluchnogo spoke about his relationship with the star of the series “Daddy’s daughters” Miroslava Karpovich, the website Recently a couple was caught in the Crimea, where Priluchny vacationing with children from Agatha muceniece. In particular, the witnesses distributed in the network photos and videos, which Karpovich does not let it go Priluchnogo daughter, and his son Tim plays next.

According to interlocutors of the edition, originally in journey with Priluchny had to go muceniece. The former couple had planned to live separately, but the actress was shooting.

“And then Agatha found out that to Paul in Crimea arrived Karpovich, and plans had changed, said a neighbor muceniece. — At the time of the divorce, Agatha and Paul has not yet entered into force, they could make it up and challenge it, after all they have two young children. And knowing that, Karpovich did everything that the couple has not reunited. So she flew to her lover”.

In the Crimea Priluchny rented Karpovich house on the coast. According to friends the star couple, actor is sparing no expense on new beloved.

“In Miroslav spent millions and it’s still not enough! Pasha already gave her a brand new SUV Range Rover, which gave Agatha and then took it back after a quarrel”, — said the interlocutor of the edition.

The stories environment Priluchnogo, he withdrew from their accounts a large sum of money, which they muceniece postponed. According to them, the actor has decided to invest the family savings in some business projects.

“It was money set aside for the repayment of a loan for a house — friend told Priluchnogo. And now, as far as I know, for the house Paul somehow does not pay. We are already experiencing, as if Pasha did not get into questionable company and was left without a roof over your head.”

Close to the entourage of the ex-spouses argue that muceniece before the divorce knew about the new novel actor: “Well, imagine finding a wife in the apartment things the husband’s mistress. A t-shirt, or something else”. In addition, according to rumors, because Karpovich Priluchny insisted that muceniece removed from the performances of “Cosmetics of the enemy” and “Adventurers” in which they played together.

“In its place adopted Karpovich, and she immediately took Priluchnogo into circulation. With the advent of Miroslava furnishings in the house Priluchny escalated,” said insiders.

Once in the network leaked pictures of Priluchnogo and Karpovich, in Instagram account the actor began an active discussion of their relationship. In response to numerous��s questions from subscribers star “Major,” advised me to unsubscribe from it.

“My personal life is my personal life. Want to delve into other people’s dirty underwear? Watch “Dom-2″! And from me to leave feedback,” wrote Priluchny.

Commenting on the rest ex-husband, muceniece said that the children entrusted only Prilichnom did not know that with them will Karpovich.

“I was only allowed out with dad,” she wrote.