As told in the Sverdlovsk regional court, the claims of the institution and of the city administration said the family of the student of municipal school N 32.

“In violation of clause 7 of article 79 of the Federal law “On education in the Russian Federation” the child of the plaintiff during the forced training at home using distance learning technologies not provided under Federal law a measure of support in the form of free meals, which violates his right to access to education, taking account of the abilities of the student,” reads the lawsuit.

the child’s Mother has demanded to oblige a city administration and schools to provide her son with free meals or pay appropriate compensation in monetary terms.

– From the city budget for school meals of children with disabilities, orphans and children from low-income families is allocated 2.59 million rubles per month, including meals for children with disabilities accounted for 45,5 thousand roubles. Part of the costs incurred by the municipality compensates the regional Treasury. For school feeding the city receives 690 thousand rubles per month, including thousands of 22.75 – in the nutrition of children with disabilities, – reported in Kostromsky city hall in response to the request “WP”.

In April after the introduction of quarantine coronavirus, the regional authorities encouraged the municipalities to give the families of child beneficiaries with dry rations, sending out lists of products that need to include in them. In most of the parcels were cereals, sugar, canned meat, tea, vegetable oil, condensed milk and biscuits. But in some municipalities, in addition to the goods in the original packaging, in the school food sets put the dirty rotten potatoes and onions. Such “gifts” has caused parents outrage.

As explained in city Committee of education, 24 April in the municipality of Kostroma, was released the decree No. 642, which the government approved the order of granting of measures sotspodderzhki students in the period of distance learning. But it was determined only the list of foods included in the set.

– the Cost of a set – not approved – said the officials.

as a result, In different parts of the region, the difference in cost of sets was significant. In some schools children were given dry rations for a total amount of 900 rubles, and in other parcels did half the price – 400-500 rubles.

According to hall, the cost of Kostroma on maintenance of children-beneficiaries food packages during the quarantine amounted to 5,716 million rubles. Of these, 2,739 million the city needs to get back as compensation from the regional budget.

Speaking to reporters at a press conference, the head of the regional Department of education Ilya Morozov said that expenses of the budget for food per student equals��I 130 rubles a day. Based on the number of school days in April, the amount aimed at hot Lunches, was to be 2,470 rubles for children, in may from 1950 to 2990 rubles.

Knowing that in reality the cost of a simultaneously issued to children with disabilities rations was several times below the approved amounts, parents of some students were required to pay them compensation for the difference in cash. But to apply such requirements to the court still decided only one family.

Answering the question of “RG” about the attitude received by the court the statement of claim, in the Committee of education of the city said:

– Provision of hot meals to students with disabilities is financed by the municipal budget. The allocated amount includes not only the cost of food, but the catering (including staff salaries). Therefore, the total cost of organizing hot meals for more than the cost of the products included in the set.

Press service of the city administration of Kostroma:

– time distance learning measure of social support to families of children with disabilities provided in full. Cash compensation and granting additional rations to students who have already received food packages are not provided. Citizens have the right to appeal to the court. However, before adjudication, there is no reason to believe that the city administration has broken the law. The claim was received at city hall on may 20. In the course of the trial, the court will assess the validity of the plaintiff and assess the actions of the administration of Kostroma.

And how are the neighbors?

In contrast to Kostroma in the Vladimir region authorities found a way to maintain a certain balance in the organization of children’s nutrition during distance learning. They approved a fixed amount of the cost of food, which two weeks of April, depending on the number of school days in a particular school, was about a thousand rubles. While parents were given the right to choose how they want to receive help in the form of dry rations or cash equivalent.