The government, as promised, allocated from the reserve Fund of 30 billion rubles to subsidize the Federal Fund of protection of rights of investors. The money should go to completion of about 1 million square metres of facilities for almost 10 thousand customers, who still can’t get the keys to their apartments.The Federal government has allocated the Ministry of construction of Russia RUB 30 billion for the completion of the construction of residential facilities for defrauded investors. The decree signed by Prime Minister Mikhail mishustina published on the portal of legal information 4 APR. Funds will be allocated from the reserve Fund, they will be sent as a subsidy to the Federal Fund for the protection of the rights of citizens — participants of shared construction. It is planned to fulfill the obligations in front of 10 thousand participants of shared construction in the period until 31 December 2021. The Ministry added that these funds will allow you to enter 1 million sq. m., the Fund said, coseguina in the unified register problem objects included 3081 unfinished construction projects in 73 regions of the country.Later the TV channel “Russia 24” Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin said that the additional funds will go only for the completion of projects. Thus, he made it clear that equity holders, recognized the deceived, can not rely on monetary compensation. Under the existing rules, in some projects, the regional authorities decide not to complete the facilities for economic reasons, and to buyers of apartments in such houses to return previously paid funds.That the government will allocate 30 billion roubles for the decision of problems of the deceived shareholders on 30 April announced Michael mishustina. These funds have become one of the measures of state support of business.However, Federal authorities do not rule out the emergence of a new wave of investors, who will not be able to get the time to be the keys to their apartments, because of the pandemic, COVID-19. On Wednesday, Marat Khusnullin, said that “the delay (the timing of delivery of residential properties.— “B”) certainly will be.” “They are inevitable, absolutely objective,— said the official.— A number of companies most likely this situation will not stand. The underlying issue is to prevent the growth of the number of the deceived shareholders”. Earlier it was reported that at the beginning of the crisis caused by the pandemic coronavirus, developers across Russia managed to collect about 43% of the money for housing under construction buyers.It is obvious that the delivery of the residential units postponed from developers of Moscow and Moscow region, since these regions by the authorities, a moratorium on construction of all facilities except hospitals and transport infrastructure. On Sunday it became known that the Vice-mayor of Moscow and head of the capital construction Andrew Bochkarev signed the document, suggesting the resumption of a number of construction projects in Moscow. In the list of object 181: frequent�� of them is a road junction, the part —objects of social value. All these facilities are built under the targeted investment program, financed from the city budget. In addition, the list of unfrozen objects appear of a residential house under construction on the renovation programme.However, the interlocutor of “Kommersant” refused to name these complexes.Moscow is one of the country’s largest housing markets. According to the information system “Our.House.Of the Russian Federation” in mid April, 2020, in the capital on stage is the construction of 15 million square meters of housing, Saint-Petersburg — 11,87 million sq m, Moscow — 11.13 million sq. m. Followed by Krasnodar region (8,16 million sq m), Bashkiria (3.5 million sq m) and Sverdlovsk oblast (3.1 million sq m) and the Leningrad region (3 million square metres). Total in Russia under construction is 99,6 million square meters of housing.Khalil Amine, Alexei Polukhin