Cultural online project #mosqueteros the Moscow Committee for tourism is launching a new series. Participants will be Russian TV presenters, writers and journalists. All editions can be viewed on the website mosqueteros.the RF section of the TV.

the First editions have already appeared on the website on 3 June, and new ones will come out twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays.

In a series of author’s programs Yuri Nikolaev, angelina Vovk, Alexei Lysenkov, Natasha Barbier, Tatiana Arno, Leonid Parfenov and Andrey Bartenev, Alexander Tsypkin, Evgeny Medvedev and other stars talk about sports, cooking, art and repair.

for Example, in the program with Alexander Fur, young viewers will see how these print at home on 3D printers, metro moves on hitopadesa, and scientists and designers make “smart” clothing.

the transfer.

In live show Natasha Barbier together with designers, architects and other experts will discuss the topic and answer questions from the audience.

the host of the TV program will share links to the most interesting online event.

Another program of the project is devoted to good food and cooking. Gennady of Iozefavichus will meet famous chefs that prepare meals according to known recipes. Products members will have to buy in the nearest supermarket. A writer and screenwriter Alexander cypkin will tell stories about the drinks of other countries and continents and will find the passages about them in literary works.

the Audience will also learn about effective exercises, routines and diet at home. About this program Evgenia Medvedeva tells famous athletes.

Leonid Parfyonov, the program will try to answer the question, who are the magicians of television, in parallel telling about the history of TV formats from different eras. Here will be the short essays created by specialists of the Museum of television arts (Television Arts Museum).

Tips for Muscovites of the older generation will give angelina Vovk, she will talk about the opportunities that exist among the citizens of the silver age, and remind you of important rules of self-isolation in the program.

it is Planned that the cycle will be replenished and new rubrics. For example, the author of one of the project will be. It is expected that it will release in the format of autoserial with the voice of famous actors and original soundtracks.

in addition, the project will show a special edition of the Charity Fund of the support of figures of television’s “Heroes of the screen” by the name of Vladislav Listyev. It will tell about the legendary television stars.