the Main epidemiologist of Sweden for the first time publicly acknowledged the error of his proposed strategy to combat COVID-19, involving the rejection of self-isolation.

Anders Tegnell in an interview with Swedish radio said that Sweden could better manage the containment of infection. Tegnell for the first time publicly acknowledged that his proposed strategy for dealing with the coronavirus led to too large number of deaths, according to Bloomberg.

“If we encounter the same disease, having the knowledge that we have today, I believe we would choose something between what Sweden has done, and chose the rest of the world,” said Tegnell.

In recognition of Agnelli responded the Chairman of the party “Swedish Democrats” Jimmie Akesson. Change the position of epidemiologist he called “amazing.” “For several months have been consistently silenced all the critics. Sweden did it right, the rest of the world did wrong. And now suddenly it”, — the politician wrote on Twitter.

Sweden is the only country in the EU did not impose self-isolation and to close schools and public places to contain the epidemic. The national strategy has suggested a gradual spread of the coronavirus in order to avoid overload of the healthcare system as long as the residents are not developed herd immunity or until the necessary vaccine. Sweden banned the mass event with the participation of more than 50 people, but restaurants, shops, sports clubs and schools continued to work. Tegnell, according to Bloomberg, was the author of this strategy the government instructed to develop responses to the epidemic.

According to the Johns Hopkins University, from the beginning of the pandemic in Sweden have identified 38 589 cases, of which died 4468.