Blogger Dmitry Puchkov, aka Goblin, followed by Eugene Bazhenov harshly criticized the Russian film “Paris”, filmed for last year’s Victory Day. Beams called the heroes of the film “degenerates” and “bastards” and accused the authors of the film.

In an interview with “Fifth channel” Puchkov noted that such low-quality films about the great Patriotic war in Russia to be removed since the collapse of the Soviet Union. And this is done, according to the blogger, consciously.

“They are quite consciously and consciously show our ancestors-the winners of some degenerates who on the occasion of the Victory rush to the brothel, buy awards from higher commanders and so on and so on and so on”, – said Puchkov.

Claimed by the authors as based on real events the movie is actually propaganda, which “is poured into the heads of the people”. According to the blogger, from the movie follows that of the Soviet war veterans “the whores were much nicer than yours, you know, kind of your homeland.”

According to Puchkov, the creators of the film “Paris” perfectly managed to expose the ancestors of many Russians “bastards”. Other tasks they did not think about that, he said.

Recall the movie “Paris” caused a stir after a review blogger Bazhenov on your Youtube channel Badcomedian may 9, 2020. The film was accused of bad script and acting, corny jokes and the distortion of historical facts. After a review of the Bazhenov actors of the film was heavily criticized in social networks. For example, the lead actor Dmitry Pevtsova began to receive the curse.

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