participants of the protest action in the U.S. Portland in the morning on Wednesday began to pitch tents in a Park near the Federal courthouse and to barricade the streets, forming their own “Autonomous zone”, which is compared with the situation that occurred recently at the Capitol hill in Seattle.

the Demonstrators began to erect tents in downtown Portland. An unofficial Twitter account, the left group of teenagers, calling themselves “the Pacific Northwest youth liberation front,” reports that the protesters want to create in downtown Portland an “Autonomous territory of the Land of Chinook” (Chinook Land Autonomous Territory, CLAT). Kinoki — group of Indian peoples in the Northwest United States.

In the Internet appeared photos of self-made obstacles, decorated with slogans such as “Abolish the pigs and prisons”, “Black liberation now”, “the Stolen earth” and “Racism is choking all of us”.

on Monday in a statement from the Portland police Department reported that a couple of hundred demonstrators passed across the center of the city.

Some demonstrators began to block traffic and make barricades using “industrial kitchen machinery, road blocking and flashing road signs”. The protesters also lit a few fires.

According to police, the demonstrators were thrown in the officers of the glass bottle and directed a laser pointer and burned the remains of the dismantled police barricades. Police said that on her part was not used CS gas, no ammunition to fight the crowd or other use of force.

the So-called “Pacific Northwest youth liberation front”, which defines itself as “a decentralized network of Autonomous youth groups involved in direct action towards the full release,” according to reports, is helping to organize protesters and gives tactical advice.

As reported by Fox News in Portland, which is familiar ground for a loosely organized, far-left activists, known as “Antifa”, the protests never stopped.

the City of enterprise has suffered losses of millions of dollars in property damage and a decline in sales, and hundreds of thousands of residents of Portland did not go on the streets for six weeks. The mayor-the Portland Democrat Ted Wheeler accused the President of trump is that he does not “suppress” the violence, and instead “has aggravated the” tensions, directing Federal law enforcement officers in the largest city in Oregon earlier this month.

weekend one demonstrator was seriously injured when one of the feds issued non-lethal ammunition, hitting him in the head. In another incident, a 23-year-old demonstrator was arrested for assaulting a Federal officer with a hammer, as he left the courthouse.

Speaking about the feds, the mayor Wheeler said Tuesday that “the best thing they can do is stay in their building or even to leave Portland”.

the Mayor added that “our goal is to quickly and safely cease these violent demonstrations. In the meantime, I asked him to remove graffiti from local Federal facilities.”

“I was born and raised here, and I am a graduate of the local public school system. I decided to make a life here, I decided to educate their daughter, ” says the mayor Wheeler, who collapsed criticism from all sides, the Associated Press reports. And for all the years that I lived here, I’ve never seen a community more divided. Worse than that I have not seen”.

the Mayor Portlet and the police has repeatedly condemned the violence as a destructive distraction from the movement Black Lives Matter and make a clear distinction between peaceful protesters and those who seek to resist the authorities – the police call them “instigators”.