There are lies, blatant lies and there are statistics. It is this popular expression comes to mind when talking about the traditional theme of racism in the United States. Some foaming at the mouth to prove that African Americans the chance to die at the hands of police 3.5 times higher than the white resident of the States. Others strongly resemble that of crimes black Americans are almost 4 times more than the same number of white citizens. Both absolutely true, confirmed by statistics. In this topic got Donald trump – and then ran into the wrath of the liberal public.

on Tuesday 14 July, the President of the United States Donald trump gave an interview to CBS News. One of the main topics was the problem of racism in the United States.

President trump has rightly said that the murder of George Floyd was “terrible”, but his answer to the question “Why black Americans still die at the hands of law enforcement in this country?” again caused a small scandal.

Thought trump was down to the fact that Yes, black people die from police action – “Like white people. What a terrible question you asked me! As white people”. And according to the President of the US from the actions of the police “kill more white people. A lot more white people”.

the Journalists of CBS News pointed out, black males are approximately 3.5 times more likely to be victims of the police than the same number of white men.

According to a study published in 2019, 1 in 1,000 black men in the US can expect death at the hands of the police in the course of his life. At the same time, journalists do not deny that indeed, white Americans are often the victims of police violence, but draw attention to the fact that white constitute the majority of the population.

So, the tramp, though not lied, but not told the whole truth.

However, the journalists didn’t tell the whole truth. Black people are three times more likely to die at the hands of law enforcement than white Americans. But it would be correct to note that African Americans account for 52% of homicides and 53% of robberies. And this despite the fact that blacks make up only 15% of the population! Thus, they are more than 3 times more often and dealing with the police, which explains the larger number of victims of police brutality.

the Theme of racial crime in USA is very complicated. Moreover, each party can find the “horrible” statistics to confirm their ideas.

However, the controversial statements of trump was not limited to review about the victims of police brutality.

In recent years more and more disputes arise in relation to the Confederate flag. This banner for one symbolizes the brave struggle of the Southern States for their way of life, but for others, slavery and injustice. Whose position is closer personally to Trump �� asked journalists?

“what I support is freedom of speech. It is very simple. My position is freedom of speech. In our society there are very different views on the Confederate flag. For me it is freedom of speech. Very simple. You like it, do not like to hang this flag is freedom of speech,” said Mr. trump.

Journalists said, does the President, that “the flag is a painful symbol to many people because it is a reminder of slavery.”

To which trump replied “People like it, and I do not give estimates, I know people who like the Confederate flag, nor do they think about slavery. I just think it’s freedom of speech, whether it’s the freedom to hang Confederate flags, the symbolism of the Black Lives Matter or some other, what you want. It’s freedom of speech” – continued the President of the trump.

Liberal audience and was criticized for it, President. Conservatives, on the contrary, regarded the words of trump as a strong position in the struggle with the imposed tolerance.

However, both seem to be absolutely not interesting that among the soldiers of the Confederate army were part of African Americans, and many of the prominent leaders of the army of the North was an inveterate racist.

and, in General, no wonder that history is not black and white, but statistics can turn out as anything. United States of America is divided as never before. Ironic that this separation can be much is fatal than the Civil war of 1861-1865. Then both sides found the strength to reunite. And over the southern States flew two flags – Confederate and Union, and the fallen are not ranked by who they fought.

Now the situation is much more dramatic. In America, formed a considerable group of people who are not ready to accept that they are not satisfied in the country’s history.

In contrast to them, there was also a group of those who are willing to do anything to prevent the identities of supporters of a radical revision of the past and present. General Robert E. Lee and General Ulysses S. Grant found the strength to shake hands. And whether, over time, to make current ideological enemies – the big question.