And the very active ants — the rain

may 12, Orthodox Christians revere the memory of the Nine martyrs of Kyzikos, the victims of the faith in the third century. The people are considered healers, but because this day was made to collect and harvest various herbs, which was thought to have at this time a special force.

as for the weather in the summer and the next few days, its our ancestors were determined using different people’s will.

For example, a bright and clear sunrise tells of a warm and productive summer. And too hot weather — on cold at the end of the month.

If the rain in the sky lightning — rainy weather will continue for a few days. Many ants on the ground — for an early rain. While the abundance of beetles, on the contrary, says the dry weather.

Weather, for summer you can also determine if you look to the trees. If the birch leaves have blossomed faster than the alder — the summer will be dry, but if on the contrary, it should prepare for the cold and rainy summer.

Catherine Gura

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