FNS proposed to collect data about the Russians in the unified register

it will contain basic data (surname, name, patronymic of the person), date and place of birth and death, gender, SNILS, INN, etc, as well as additional information (marital status, kinship, etc). All can be collected approximately 30 types of information about a person.

As noted during the discussion of the bill the Deputy head of FNS Vitaly Kolesnikov, whose words are quoted by “Interfax”, bringing all information systems to a common denominator will give rise to the so-called “Golden perfect profile”. It will be consolidated about 30 types of information from 12 major suppliers.

According to Kolesnikov, the registry will build on the basis of a man his family connections. Accordingly, it will be possible to calculate family income, average per capita income. This will provide needy families the help that they need.

the second reading of the changes. They relate to the protection of certain categories of persons – judges, witnesses and so on.