The debris will be pushed to the limits

the world Today is the joint efforts of fighting the virus SARS-CoV-2. Governments are taking unprecedented measures to prevent the threat that engulfed the entire planet. While they face other important tasks that has not been canceled. Russia is continuing an active struggle for the environment, and the authorities are looking for a way to streamline the increasing amount of garbage.

So, this autumn may be approved by the Federal scheme of waste management. It’ll drive mechanisms for the collection, transportation and recycling for all regions of the country. The launch of the scheme will be a powerful factor in solving the problem of waste disposal. Now when the Russians are at home on the isolation and are looking for something to do, each of us has the time to thoroughly examine the details of this scheme.

“the Russian ecological operator” (REO) is the parent company of industry — is currently completing work on the preparation of the scheme. For this purpose the experts analyzed the existing infrastructure of the municipal solid waste management (MSW) and determine additional need for targets for their treatment. Earlier, the Ministry of environment has prepared a list of requirements for its composition and content.

What brings Russians to the new scheme? Information about any movements of waste between regions of the country for the first time will become official and public. Regional operators and musorovozy companies will forbid to change the approved routes.

Each region is based on its territorial schema (tarshem), the document takes into account all existing in the subject capacity for waste management, these waste streams, and even new infrastructure, which plan to build. The Federal scheme will bring together all of these documents.

In the new document, according to the requirements, you should list all sources of education MSW, quantity, places of accumulation of debris, object retrieval and processing, waste incineration plants, etc.

Any movement of wastes to landfills, waste sorting companies or landfills, are not included in the Federal scheme, will be banned. Regional operators and musorovozy companies will have to comply with the scheme enshrined in flows of waste.

the Final draft of the document, Federal agencies will coordinate without the participation of the regional authorities. Notable risks in this process are not observed: for the past year the Ministry of environment and REO worked actively with the regions. All 85 dershem of waste is carefully analyzed and prepared, where required, recommendations on adjustments.

These elaborate schemes and will serve as the basis for a General Federal scheme. “We will be able to plan the development of interregional and einfrastructures interaction. This will allow us prochitatü what processing or disposal capacity can be built in one region for the volume of fractions collected from several regions”, – assured the Ministry of environment.