The Russian authorities found the money to rescue the economy from the coronavirus

the Russian Authorities have figured out how to change the expenditures of the Federal budget in 2020, and to find money to save the economy from the coronavirus. About it writes “Kommersant”.

the Government is revising the budget to Finance measures to support the economy at 1.4 trillion rubles. Half of the money going to take from the national welfare Fund (NWF) or attract through loans on the market, the other half want to find by revising the previously approved budget expenses.

according to the newspaper, the government reserves to stimulate the economy will increase to 646 billion rubles, half of which (351 billion) will be cancelled and postponed spending ministries in 2020. Part of the money expect to find, reducing spending on national projects to 200 billion in 2020. Hardest reduced the cost of national projects in digitization of the economy and support exports.

Earlier, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said that the salvation of the Russian economy from the consequences of a pandemic coronavirus sent resources in the amount of about 2.8 percent of GDP. Fiscal support is estimated at 6.5 percent of GDP.