But every coin has its own reverse side. It does not say, it is not visible. Looking for high rewards, hardly anyone will think about how they were created. Whose hand inflicted the subtle notches on the grain spike is of the order of Lenin or the hilt of the sword order of the Patriotic war? Who turned the rays of the order of Suvorov and the beat profile of the great commander?

“the Russian newspaper” found one of these masters, or rather mistresses. Serafima Ilinichna Katukova, a resident of the city of Krasnokamsk, 14-year-old girl came to the paper mill of Goznak. From 1942 to 1946 she worked in the tech shop of the Leningrad mint, which during the war was evacuated to Krasnokamsk.

Specialty Seraphim Datumoj called “mounter premium products”, and responsibilities included the processing of blanks after rolling mill. That is mounter using a variety of instruments have been processed, future orders and medals, giving it the desired look. The products are then sent to the polishers they’ve polished them to a Shine and put in a special box.

did it mostly teenagers and youth, because such work required good eyesight and precision of movement. Before to admission to the processing of the product, everyone had to undergo training and pass the exam, the so – called mandatory technical minimum.

– Except for the sign of Hero of the Soviet Union passed through my hands all the awards that were issued at that time at the mint, says Serafima Ilinichna. Each demanded of his instrument and his skill.

the Order of Lenin – it’s beadwork, not everyone is able to do it without marriage. And of practice we had. For example, order of the Patriotic war – 45 products per eight-hour shift. Over time I became so proficient, that does not get me to this place, I’m not lying – I had 120 to process.

High speed operation – a common requirement of the war years. In those years it was impossible to live according to the norms. They tried to surpass everything. Especially hard was when received the order for the release of order of Patriotic war I and II degree. Working with them was a lot – each product must be processed three-edged saw, then a soft needle file. And the volume is rather large daily Goznak shipped a few boxes with orders.

According to the Seraphim Daycoval, over time, was not considered remained to work after the change. Although the chiefs are carefully watched to Teens were not in the shop more than eight hours. One day she and a friend stayed after shift, hid under the bench, but the master saw them, called the sentry, and violators were turned away at the checkpoint.

That period of my life, says Seraphim Batukova infrequently, but the details. Very depressed the feeling of hunger. Itsth norm of black, rigid and malleable, like clay, bread, which took on a change, it was time to eat before the entrance. Then endured until lunch, when in the canteen could get a bowl of soup.

the Potatoes in the soup somehow was always frozen, she remembers. – And the plate little swim. We then joked, “speck for speck running around with a stick.” But despite all the difficulties, we lived fun. Maybe they were young? And the indulgence was a lot.

Once her two companions were ridiculed in the newspaper for what drank alcohol lamp, which was used for soldering small items to orders. Said Serafima Ilinichna another story connected with alcohol. On the tables of the mounter for additional lighting standing lamps on alcohol. Sometimes during operation, be free hand, lamps were overturned, and it was cool to get burned.

– Remember that was pouring the alcohol into the lamp and doused his hands, says Serafima Ilinichna. – Then accidentally touched the lamp, the hands and lit up. But helped, the fire was quickly extinguished.

If safety on the production was not too severely, for labour discipline followed seriously. Any delay was punished. If someone managed to accumulate a delay of 20 minutes could easily be arrested for about four months. But because manpower is not enough, the prisoner from the chamber, drove to work and from work back to his cell.

violators do not stand on ceremony, and the phrase “the laws of war” had a very specific meaning. Seraphim Batukova remember, as a tried one business – he sold someone a stolen item. During the search at the workplace he found a little gold and platinum, he was going to make it from the factory. The sentence – the shooting. However, the shooting was replaced by penal battalion and sent to the front.

Now Serafima Ilyinichna 92. But she is cheerful and cheerful, and stay at home made her only mode of self-isolation. Every day perevarivaetsya with a friend – my colleague-fed peers. Until they decided that I need to live to 95 years. But we’ll see.