The journalist of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Dmitry Steshin, together with his family went to the Crimea and said that, despite the warm welcome hoteliers, car wrecker “attack” a car with non-local rooms.

The Crimea is waiting for the transport collapse

According to Stetina, his car was taken straight from the entrance to the Simferopol hotel when he and his family took things to the room.

“the wrecker Logic was simple: the car parked at the hotel, more round in the back seat, towels, baby chair and the Moscow numbers… hand on heart, could not spoil people’s rest. People who were brought to the Peninsula money,” – said the journalist.

He said that his car stood three meters away from the crosswalk, and should have been five. Steshin pleaded guilty, but said that the car with local numbers, which stood directly on the “Zebra”, the wrecker was not touched. the

According to him, to solve the problem failed for “3000 in cash and 500 roubles of the penalty through public Services”.

The receptionist sympathized with the guest and said that in the Crimea the wrecker don’t like.

“You have no idea how we waited for you all these months…” she said.

Head of the Department of economic and social geography of Taurida Academy Igor Voronin in an interview with “KP” said that the Crimea is not yet able to replace the Russians, Turkey and Egypt. According to him, the Peninsula has problems with the quality of service, and it is connected with the “heritage of Ukraine”: for a long time came to the Crimea to residents of Western Ukrainian regions.

“I cheat all the time in one shop the saleswoman eyed, but as she does! With what tact and grace! Me ten rubles is not a pity. Here it would be no vegetables to sell, and Hiking to do…” he said.

As reported by “Rambler”, previously Director of strategic development of “Online tours” Catherine Bezhanova said that the average cost of travel to the Crimea in June-July varies from 37 to 60 thousand rubles, but can reach 150 thousand roubles.