July 23, Russian graduates pass their final exam – foreign language orally, and on 25 July they last reserve day in all subjects for the main thread.

the Belarusian boys last day for delivery of CT – today. Tomorrow Belarusian students who wrote the test on the first day, will begin to issue certificates DH for the submission of documents to University, and from 29 July to those who gave DH back in the day. Selection Committee the country will start to accept documents from entrants on budget and pay offices from July 25.

In Russia, the admission campaign to universities already in full swing, the start was given on June 20. High school graduates can apply to the selected universities to receive the results of the Unified state examination. After passing the exams, the scores will appear in the system automatically, and the selection Committee profaniruet students in their competitive lists. Already announced the results of exams in literature, geography, and Informatics. Today will be known the final results for the mass exam – Russian language, and tomorrow – in core mathematics.

In Russia, the admission campaign in universities is conducted mainly in remote format. According to the Ministry of science and higher education of the Russian Federation, more than 10 thousand entrants submitted a total of 41 of 352 application for admission to the universities through superservis “admission to the University online at the” website services.

Pandemic coronavirus is not particularly influenced the preferences of the students. In the same way as in previous years, the greatest number of complaints served on such areas as “Jurisprudence”, “Economics”, “International relations”, “Philology”, “Linguistics”, “Management”, “Design”.

Among the Humanities the demand for teaching professions in the field of media.

some universities have noted an increased interest in areas “Construction”, “Chemistry” and “Biotechnology”. As noted in the St. Petersburg state University industrial technology and design, the direction of the “Graphics” competition already is 19.2 people per site, Applied Informatics – 18,4 person, “Chemical technology” and 14.2 per place.

In medical schools the most popular destinations: “Dentistry” (13 people), “pharmacy” (7 people) and “Pediatrics” (6,6 person).

among the popular military profession. According to the Ministry of defence, for admission to military colleges expect more than 40 thousand people. More than 38 thousand is a civil youth and another 1,300 graduates of the Suvorov and Nakhimov schools and cadet.

the highest total competition is expected among the applicants in the Novosibirsk higher military command school, Military Academy of aerospace defense named after Marshal of the Soviet Union�� Zhukov (Tver), Military medical Academy named after S. M. Kirov (Saint Petersburg), as well as guards in the Ryazan higher airborne school named after army General V. F. Margelov. As noted in the Ministry compared to previous years, there is a persistent positive trend in the increase of the competition in naval universities.