It is not all April fools ‘ jokes, which will be welcomed by the danes.

the Festival Rock Under the Bridge came out on Facebook that this year’s festival will be plastikfri.

It will say that plastikstole, plastic bottles, and the like were not welcome, and the guests had to bring their own mugs and jugs.

the Outlook, however, was meant as an April fool and it was greeted with astonishment among several users on the social media. It writes Fyfe.

A user understand among other things, not to make a joke based on a problem’.

the united nations has, for example, a verdensmål to do something about the plastikforurening in the world’s oceans.

Fyfe has been aprilsnarren and criticism for the person responsible at Rock Under the Bridge, Bob Frandsen. He explains that he is not known to aprilsnarren and admits that it was a fejlforsøg on April fools ‘ day.

“I take distance from it, there is laid out. I was not informed about it. I was it, I had asked to find a different April fools than that. Because it is up in time, so I must acknowledge that I think it was a little silly,” says Bob Frandsen for the Times.

Bent Frandsen stresses that the festival is working to become more plastikneutrale in the future, but points out that the guests must disregard aprilsnarren.

the Rock Under the Bridge will this year be held on 13. June, and so far the festival is not cancelled in spite of the corona-the crisis the world over.

the Festival follows, however, corona-the crisis and the instructions carefully, and report out, if it is not possible to hold the festival as planned.

The same goes for, incidentally, the Roskilde Festival, which, according to the plan, kicks off barely two weeks later.