Right now shows the Danish welfare state really its worth it. In a time of crisis will enter the community with the stimulus packages and support from the general.

But the box must smækkes in for big companies and banks, who can afford to pay out billions to shareholders or giant lønbonusser or in the years, it has been sitting snug in tax havens without help.

Coronakrisen is a health crisis and a potentially huge economic crisis. Therefore, it makes sense that our strong welfare state to step in with a helping hand. Also to the companies that run the risk of turning the key on.

But it is not to keep out, if the stimulus billions can smoke directly in the liner of the companies and banks that do not can find out quite a common decency.

for years we have heard from the big companies and right-wing parties in Denmark, that ‘the private sector to pay for the welfare’. Now, any well recognize that it is far from the truth.

The public sector holds right now your hand under both our of all of us life and health, where public employees work at hospitals and in elderly care.

But then, indeed, the hand under the private business sector, as only with horror can imagine the number of bankruptcies, if it were not for the great fælleskasse, as we all have paid taxes for.

Help is a part of our social contract – we all contribute together, and we can all expect help when we need it.

Precisely why are most of us too, so edderspændt outraged when you hear about companies in tax havens, who have never paid a dime in taxes, but now has his fingers far down in the aid package-the cookie jar.

And it will not be to keep out, if we hear about banks and joint stock companies, who will benefit from the milliardgarantier and get money direct from the treasury for about a bit to turn around and pay out billions in dividends to shareholders or give golden parachute of millions to executives.

Then contribute, they are not and do not have the need for help. So when they just the cream.

In the press we read about how, for example, Nordea will not raise a simple line of credit for small businesses, although the community has made guarantees available to ensure that exactly what would happen.

And the Bank still has plans to pay for the over seven billion. kr. dividends to the shareholders, although the state has given them access to billions in this particular time of crisis.

So we are rescuing the not small businesses or prevent layoffs for the community money. No, then we have just rescued the shareholders who already have earned rushing.

Therefore, we will in the party, make a counter-claim, if you have to have access to hjælpepakkerne. Zero packages, if your company is located in tax havens. Zero stimulus if the money is just smoking on to stock dividends or lønbonusser.

Now we shall all together show the community spirit – it also applies to the richest.

Pernille Skipper

Pernille Skipper is political rapporteur in the Device list. She is a qualified lawyer and has been a member of the Danish Parliament since 2011.