the Most popular artist of the Moscow Academic theatre of Satire (of course, after Alexander Shirvindt), Fyodor Dobronravov left the company. Then the fact of its withdrawal was associated with a possible change of leadership in the legendary theatre. In conversation with the observer “MK” Fedor revealed the reasons for his departure. Which, incidentally, happened not yesterday.

Indeed, the letter of resignation at own will the popular actor wrote in the beginning of the pandemic, when the Satire was all quiet – still sad sank into a deep isolation. And now, amid talk of a possible reshuffle, the news was particularly not happy: the loss of such an artist as Dobronravov – a serious blow to the repertoire. Call him:

Fyodor, you are now where you are?

-In the country. All of the quarantine.

-still, why did you decide to leave the theater? After all the performances with your participation, for anybody not a secret, gathering room. Your success, your audience, and you’re statement on the table. Maybe the problem is with the boss, someone doesn’t like you working on the side?

-I am not fighting with anyone. 16 years working in the Satire. Just tired. I Alexander Anatolievich said.

But does this mean that the most popular Satire show “Where are we?” with the participation of the magnificent Trinity (Shirvindt – Dobronravov – Oleshko) will no longer go in the new season? Will replace you?

I stayed single and will be playing this show as much as will play Alexander. We talk. How will this quarantine, I would go to him.

Here you left Satire and what are you going to do, where to do, maybe already rehearsing?

– Until everything came to a standstill. But the work is much. There are some plans of the theatre. But what to say about them, when now everything is so, well… in the sand. Here we were hoping for “Matchmakers,” which resumes shooting. I called to Kiev, but to me the Director said they were due to pandemic unable to participate. And remove should have been to Belarus, but now had to postpone shooting for next year. Although life is slowly coming back to normal: here are my guys – Ivan and Victor (sons of Fyodor Dobronravov, M. R. ) have slowly begin to appear.

And you?

somewhere in the middle of July will start maybe… I have many times said exactly, but it backfired. So, do not say anything.

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