June 21, Olympia Ivleva is 30 years old. Despite his young age, “little miss sunshine” got an army of fans, which will be envied by the most eminent artists not only in Russia but also in the world. The growth of Olympia only 130 cm, but this does not prevent her to be quite popular singer, actress and model. By the way, photos of Ivleva are often quite provocative and have plenty of nudity.

what is the phenomenon of Olympia? As told “MK” a former colleague Ivleva Anna Castes (the growth of which also 130 cm), Olympia has an amazing charisma that literally captivates the spectators.

I’m from Olympia and I met in one of the social networks for “small” people, ‘ began Anna. – I liked it, cool girl. And then Alina PASOK (Creator clips for “LB”) invited me to participate in the group “Little Big”, well, I – Olympia. She agreed.

oddly enough, the external openness of Olympia on stage, in videos and photos, does not coincide with its behavior in real life. The girl rarely talks about her personal life and career. What or who encouraged Olympia to such a provocative performances?

“MK” has found out: Ivlev’s got a serious psychological education in IPIP them. Raoul Wallenberg. As recognized artist friends at school she had to endure harassment, bullying from high school students. Apparently, a psychology degree have helped Ivleva cope with childhood trauma. To this day, the appearance of Lime (the so-called artist friends) is ambiguous reaction not only in children but also in adults, but today the artist has already learned how to respond to offenders.

Breaking stereotypes, Olympia decided as vividly as possible to declare itself. Since 2013, Ivlev started my YouTube channel which is very successful. To consolidate the popularity of the girl helped work as a singer in the St. Petersburg band “Little Big”.

the Phenomenon of the popularity of “LB”, according to many netizens, largely belongs to two little girls: Anne Kast, Olympia Ivleva. They are the first Russian artist, not like the usual singers, shocked the audience in the clip “Every day I’m drinking”.

As recognized Castes, they themselves did not expect such a rabid success — a million views of the video “Every day I’m drinking” on YouTube and it in 2013!

We woke up this morning after the release of the video, and we have a million hits per day! – shared Caste. — How come? Still can’t explain. I sang with difficulty, German is taught in school, and then, damn, the song is in English! On a piece of paper the English words in Russian letters wrote. At first we didn’t quite understand in Russia, but in Europe, especially in Germany, to our shows came even parents with small children and elderly Germans.

Despite the success, wcssRyo left the group of Castes. According to rumors, between Castes and Ivleva there were serious misunderstandings.

– Before the next concert Olympia put Ilya Prusikin (the founder of the group) before a choice: either she, or I, continues Castes – can’t explain her behavior, eventually chose the Olympia, she left. And I have, moreover, was stable, serious work at school, my participation in the group was a little hurt, a few parents began to Express displeasure, such as “what a teacher can do”. Oddly enough negativity from me to Olympia and there was not. However, today we do not communicate, but pleasant memories of her remained.

On the wave of success in 2018 Ivlev also leaves the group, instead, the clips began to appear vociferous Sophia Tayurskii.

In social networks Olympia calls itself a mini-woman and actress, the girl managed to star in the film “Lili”. Comedy-drama was ambiguously received by the public, although the relative success of the movie was still.

the Main heroine of the film a girl named Lily, who works in a travelling circus midgets. In a rather tough life of the “little artist” first comes love, simple guy Lenya falls in love with an unusual circus animal. But for the happiness of the guy and the girl have a serious struggle with the society and system as a whole.

“We chose the main role of the Lime, because she’s the best!” — simply said the film’s Director Anton Chizhikov.