Just Vladimir Friske told the TV audience about how barely recovered from a severe illness with no sivasana a 40-degree fever and other symptoms of the infection.

And here is his daughter Natalia puts the network noisy footage (with songs and dances) the feast.

The reason, of course, was my mom’s Friske’s birthday. Daughter posted on instagram of her beautiful photograph with an extraordinary bouquet, and wrote warm words of wishes the best in life.

But the fact that the party did not pass the family – the video clearly shows that to celebrate the birthday of the mistress of the house came a lot of guests.

At least, this event cannot be combined with safety of the pandemic. And how in that case to regard the actions of the head of the family, he said, quietly isolated themselves along with his wife in a country house, is unclear.

As previously reported, “the Rambler”, Vladimir Friske suggested that had coronavirus.

In any case, the clinical picture of the disease was very similar to the one that usually happens when infected by Covid-19.