the Dacha Amnesty in Russia has nearly 14 years – from September 1, 2006. As noted Krasheninnikov, it allowed the citizens in a simplified procedure to issue more than 13 million objects of real estate: villas, land, residential and garden houses, saunas, garages, etc.

However, certain provisions dacha Amnesty should finish its action on March 1, 2021. Talking about the simplified order of registration of rights to residential and garden house, located on the garden plots. Thus, after this date, the owners will be required to act in a more complex circuit. So, have to notify local authorities about the beginning and completion of private residential and garden houses. Then the responsible body will decide on the parameters of the house under construction, and will send all necessary documents to Rosreestr for registration of rights to developers for specified objects.

In a special situation are the citizens, who began the construction of the house prior to the entry into force of a notification (until August 4, 2018) and have not received a building permit. If they do not submit notice of construction to the authority before March 1, 2021, after this date can obtain their rights only by a court order. “And then, if they prove that their house does not violate building standards and is not an unauthorized construction”, – said Pavel Krasheninnikov.

– Thus, after March 1, 2021 the effect of these provisions dacha Amnesty will stop and in a difficult situation will be a large number of citizens who have not benefited from a simplified procedure of registration of real estate rights, – said the MP.

the Authors of the bill propose to extend by five years the period of a simple design of citizens ‘ rights at home – as individual residential and garden. Talking about the buildings on the garden plots, plots for individual housing construction (IZHS) and personal part-time farms. Thus, the effect of country Amnesty will not only be extended but this program is expanding due to the distribution in different categories of land.

the Registration of rights, as the head of the Committee, will be carried out in the presence of right to land – on the basis of the technical plan and the Declaration drafted by the right holder of the property. All the necessary documents, the owner will be able to submit the registration on their own. At home must conform to the parameters of object of individual housing construction, a specific construction code.

Also proposed for another five years to give citizens the opportunity to submit notification of construction of residential houses started to be erected before 4 August 2018. As the authors suggest, these standards will serve as a motivation for citizens for the resumption of its construction projects and allows without complexities to execute the documents.

Pavel Krasheninnikov said that the bill is intended to protect the rights of citizens to residential “suburban” real estate and the positive impact on the dynamics of development of individual housing construction in General.