the Federal antimnopoly service (FAS) of Russia filed a case against the company “Procter & gamble Distribution Company” for the difference as capsules for washing Ariel, which are sold in Russia and in the European Union. This was announced by Deputy Minister Andrei Kashevarov, whose words RIA Novosti reports.

“the FAS Russia initiated a case against LLC “Procter & gamble Distribution Company” on the grounds of violation of the law “On protection of competition”. The service previously issued a warning about the termination of such activities, the company has not fulfilled”, – said Andrey Kashevarov.

As previously reported, in early December, the Antimonopoly service, by results of joint with CPS studies found that washing powders Ariel and Persil as well as chocolates Lindt, which are sold in Russia, differ in quality and composition from similar products, which are sold in the EU. FAS has given out the manufacturers of these products warnings, and after repeatedly extended deadlines.

“the Deadline warnings, OOO “Procter & gamble-Novomoskovsk” on 9 July 2020, LLC “Henkel Rus” – July 31, 2020,” – said Deputy head of the FAS.

He also reminded that Russia imported washing capsules Ariel brand, characterized by quality indicators and conditions of use from products sold in the EU without the appropriate markings.

As previously reported, “RG”, the head of FAS Igor Artemyev, speaking at an online briefing of the Association of European stated that Russia will protect the rights of its citizens on observance of standards and technologies for the production of goods that are declared by foreign manufacturers as the original.

“We demand strict compliance with all technologies, if the product is sold as original. If this is not the original product, and some other, then it must be stated on the packaging. Then we will not accept this unfair competition”, – said the head of the Antimonopoly authority.